Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cycling Performance Analysis

I appear to have been slacking a bit with keeping the blog up to date and didn't realise how long it had been since I last provided an update. So I expect updates will be like buses for a few days............

In an earlier update I mentioned that I was going to try and arrange a session to fit me to the bike to make sure that it was set up properly and to avoid any waste of energy through poor set up. Having done some more research into where such a session could be conducted and also some research into finding a cycling/sports coach and nutritionist I have managed to find somebody that can provide both services and who is only about an hour and a half away in the car - Happy Days :)

The person in question is Simon Vincent who runs Total Cycling Performance ( ) over in South Wales.

Having had a couple of conversations and exchanged e mails with Simon I was confident that Simon's outlook on training and nutrition was exactly what I was looking for and a date was agreed for me to go over for a day and take part in some performance testing.

The performance testing programme that Simon has agreed to undertake include the following elements;

Electronic body composition scan, nutrition intake analysis and weight management plan

  • 7 day client food diary analysis in respect of macro and micronutrient intake
  • Bodystat 1500™ Electronic Body Composition Metabolic Analysis Scan to ascertain body fat, muscle, hydration levels along with BMR (the amount of kcal your body uses during rest over 24 hours)
  • Waste to hip ratio and body fat spot measurements
  • Full consultation to dispel myths and evaluate goals
  • Detailed nutrition plan and recommendations in line with clients goals                                                     

Laser line bike fit and detailed pedalling efficiency/power analysis – incorporating use of an official Wattbike™

  • Bike fitting incorporating Wattbike**
  • Pedalling efficiency/flat spot analysis across range of riding positions
  • True maximum heart rate test/HR training zones    
  • Maximum minute power output test
  • Electronic Peak Lung Flow Capacity                              
  • Functional Threshold Power Test (20 min)
  • Tri-leve alatic power (sprint) test                                                                                       
  • Optimum bike set up

Cycling specific strength and conditioning/power to weight ratio assessment

  • Upper and lower body strength                                                 
  • Upper and lower body endurance
  • Coronal strength ratios                                                             
  • Bilateral grip strength
  • Core muscle strength and stability                                             
  • Total flexibility and mobility
  • Hip functionality                                                                                   
  • Balance and proprioception                  
  • Written report of results

This performance testing programme is normally undertaken over two days but Simon has kindly agreed to complete the programme in one day and that day is tomorrow 29th June. 

To be honest, I'm quite nervous about the prospect of undertaking a days testing as up until now I have been entirely in control of what fitness training and exercise I have undertaken. Doing what somebody else is telling me to do is something I haven't experienced in relation to sport for probably over ten years! 

The other thing I have been reflecting on over the last few days is that it was only six months ago that I was 17 stone in weight and could not have imagined that I would be contemplating commissioning somebody to act as my sports and nutrition coach with a view to coaching me to the completion of a bona fide sports endurance event. For the first time I have over the last few days allowed myself to feel ever so slightly proud of what I have achieved this year and do you know what? It feels good to be 12 stone something in weight and fit enough to commit to Simons performance testing programme. 

I will provide an update on how the day has gone in the next few days (once I have recovered!) 

Once again thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog. 

Hope to see you back here soon


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