Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Images of Wiltshire (2)

I came upon this lonely looking soul on the road to Thingley Junction.

There was a larger group of similar horses in a field just a bit further up the road going towards Notton so maybe it would normally have some company.

  And for thos of you who are curious about what else can be found at Thingley? well you will find a lot of fields, a couple of farms, a handful of cottages and the main reason for Thingley Junction........


Just for the train spotters amongst you, this is a view looking north along the single track rail linefrom the road bridge. This line has diverged from the main London-Bristol line at Thingley Junction and joins the Bristol Weymouth line at Bradford South Junction, just north of Trowbridge. For the aviation fans a C-130 Hercules can be seen overhead (just).

I would love to take credit for a picture of a train line but I really didn't want to interupt my training ride so the the above image is a library picture courtesy of Geograph and Phil Williams. 

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